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vjsuave was invited to perform in the "international film festival of saint petersburg, russia"
we present the suaveciclo, video-mapping, workshop, and audiovisual. we also were jury of experimental film category.

Trip from vjsuave on Vimeo.

"Trip" - A spiritual journey in search of self-knowledge, conscience and love. This short movie was produced independently and recorded during vjsuave's residency at "Shiny toys Festival" in Germany.

"Trip" é o 4º curta-metragem de vjsuave. Uma jornada espiritual em busca do autoconhecimento, da expansão da consciência e do amor. Este curta foi produzido de forma independente e gravado durante a residência no festival audiovisual Shiny Toys na Alemanha.

a film by vjsuave
animation: Dante Zaballa, Juli Perez, vjsuave
character design: Ygor Marotta
photography: vjsuave
Sound: Bmind
Special thanks: Jan Ehlen, Jerry Jerome, Alexandra Zimmer, Yochanan Rauert, Daniel Derg, Bjorn Samson, Cris Faria

Shiny Toys Festival
Mülheim an der ruhr
Germany 2013

our adventures during summer in europe.

blue balls festival (switzerland - swiss)
casa independente (lisboa - portugal)
neurotitan gallery (berlin - germany)
shiny toys festival (mulheim an der ruhr - germany)

music: four tet - my angel rocks back and forth (Kulakostas Rmx)
filmakers: vjsuave, daniel derg, dante zaballa
live drawing and animation with tagtool app



A film by: Ygor Marotta, Ceci Soloaga, Antonio Balseiro, Juan Maglione, Juan Elizalde, Lula Meliche, Agustin Orol.
Produced by: gazz.tv

Interview in WIRED magazine.

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