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A instalação audiovisual "A natureza invade a cidade" , da dupla vjsuave já se apresento na na Caixa Cultural Rio e Recife. Formada por personagens animados quadro a quadro, poesias e paisagem sonora, a instalação instiga a reflexão sobre a escassa natureza nos espaços públicos da cidade.

Veja a entrevista sobre a instalação no jornal o globo
Suaveciclos in Rio de Janeiro to draw and animate live for Apple - Keynote 2014 using TAGTOOL app.

“Homeless is poignant, warm, and personal, crafted from hand-drawn and hand-painted media, transformed into digital animation, then projection-mapped in a way that seems to bring São Paulo’s alleyways and streets alive. Characters dance and run across the urban landscape, with a convincing blend of simulated movement and real, moving projection. It really is cinema, fusing a story with the projection-mapped setting."

Director: vjsuave
Art Direction: vjsuave
Character Design: Dante Zaballa, vjsuave
Character Animation: Dante Zaballa
Animation: vjsuave
Music: Juan Tortarolo
Edition: Guillermo Coube, vjsuave
Camera: Rafael Garcia
Camera assistant: Joao Maia
Producer: Juliana Borges
Supported by MTV

"The making-of video, below, is an artwork in itself; bringing in the story of how the piece was made with the story of the film. Seeing hand drawings and paint to go computer, then venture out into the Brazilian night as São Paulo’s residents look on, is its own kind of theater. And you can add this tune to the emergency playlist you queue up whenever your mood has gone glum"
By Peter Kirn