Aves do Ceará, immersive installation

Birds of Northeast Brazil 

“Birds of Northeast Brazil” is an immersive installation by VJ Suave. With 360° projections on four walls and the floor, the artists lead the audience on a unique journey through the nuances of Ceará’s nature. This installation showcases the diversity of 29 birds in its different environments, all represented in 2D and 3D animations, transforming into audiovisual narratives that celebrate the unique beauty of these birds in their habitats.

The work was developed at the invitation of Director Silas de Paula to become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Image and Sound of Ceará.

virtual reality htc vive

Enchanted Forest 

Combining the latest generation technologies with the knowledge of indigenous people, VJ Suave lead us into a world which will respond to our gestures and movements. The interactive installation proposed by the duo doesn’t present obstacles to overcome, but there is a course through which relationships can be established with the characters and objects. It is necessary to be in harmony with the sound of the environment, with the music from the instruments, with the flora diversity and also to realize the beauty of the animals.

The installation invites the spectator to immerse in an animated world that instigate reflection about the
scarcity of nature and public spaces in the city , it is composed of frame by frame animations mixed with
5.1 sound landscape.

The installation is a site-specific creation, a video mapping with 2D and 3D animations composed of phrases, poetry, signs, effects and sound design, which produces and instigates the reflection and experimentation of the end inherent in almost everything that composes existence from of an unusual interaction, to potentiate life with it’s moments of fissure and process, of love and lack of love, of breaking and of continuity.

This is the place of the enchanted: the beings that inhabit nature. These magical beings were born to stories and Brazilians sayings, the mixture of Indigenous, African and Portuguese legends. They are part of our culture and our wisdom.