Using the latest technology gear; Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, VJ Suave teaches the students to draw in a virtual 3D environment using Tilt Brush and Quill. These VR programs transport the user inside their drawing so they can walk around their own creations. The subject off the workshop can be adapted and as a result 3D models and virtual reality videos can be created to share.

In the workshop the participants engage with virtual reality gaining experience in 3D digital drawing techniques. Space is the canvas, the palette is their imagination, the possibilities are endless, they can paint with three-dimensional brushes, stars, lights and even fire and experience painting like never before while walking around the art.


Tagtool explores the interaction between drawing, technology and architecture to create a new art platform which transforms the projected walls into artworks. It’s digital because instead of paint there’s light. Everything that is drawn is projected and animated in real time. Technology allows the artist to interact with the public, based on improvise.

The workshops for kids, adults or local artists are
oriented by VJ Suave. The participants get involved
gaining experience in digital drawing and animation techniques with tagtool app.

Tagtool is an instrument for collaborative visual expression, that allows the user to paint, animate and project in real time. Its a digital tool that lets you draw with your fingers keeping the process fluid letting your imagination run free. The content is customized by age range and is possible to stablish objectives for example creation of movies for performance, the result can be shared with friends, public in the internet or projected with the Suaveciclo.


The workshop is divided into 2 parts. The first part takes place inside a room, where the participants will develop the drawings and animations. The second part happens in the open space, where the animations are projected in movement in the street or in the open space, through the Suaveciclo.