In this exhibition we invite you to see the invisible. We are challenged to cross the urban nights boundaries, in which we are used to see the duo VJ Suave large-format projections and enter the magic forest territory through the eyes of Virtual Reality.

Combining the latest generation technologies with the knowledge of indigenous people, Ceci Soloaga and Ygor Marotta lead us into a world which will respond to our gestures and movements.

The interactive installation proposed by the duo doesn’t present obstacles to overcome, but there is a course through which relationships can be established with the characters and objects. It is necessary to be in harmony with the sound of the environment, with the music from the instruments, with the flora diversity and also to realize the beauty of the animals. It demands attention, sensibility and immersion from the participants.

Taking the way we see things to a whole new level, it presupposes another kind of perspective: the one which sees, from the invisible, having the mind in symbiosis with all the organs of the body.

Giselle Beiguelman, artist and researcher in digital art.



Shaman of the enchanted forest, Txuã is a very powerful healer who leads those who seek him into the path of enlightenment and self-knowledge. He uses the wisdom of the sacred plants and the invisible energy of the forest to guide people to other dimensions. He has a lot to teach with his words and plants, you just have to be close to him with an open heart.

The shaman’s speeches were created from an interview with Txuã Pakamayte, leader of the Huni Kuin Tribe of the Envira River region in Acre, northern region of Brazil. Besides giving us his knowledge, Txuã also gave his voice to the character of the installation.


The most mysterious of all monkeys in the forest, Cacajo is an Uacari-White, the wise one of his group. He is a jungle’s healer who uses rhythms to promote physical and spiritual healing. With the sound of his shaker he leads us on a rhythmic journey that relaxes and stimulates creativity. Feel this sound touching your being, at that present moment you are able to perceive everything that is beyond visible reality. He uses sage to purify the environment and the aura because, through burning, this sacred leaf becomes a vehicle of cleanliness and light


A traveler and a wanderer, he is Txuã’s friend. With his atabaque he helps to lead the ritual creating a musical environment conducive to elevation. The atabaque is an ancestral instrument which came to Brazil through the hands of the Africans, and along with it, was also brought the strength of that continent