VJ Suave is Ceci Soloaga and Ygor Marotta a new media art duo, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Specialists in digital art, VJ Suave works frame by frame animation projected on the urban surface, blending technology with street art. With his works, the duo proposes a unique moment of connection between the spectator and the city, mixing animated history with real life. The animation is developed from hand-drawn drawings and designed according to the architecture of the space, illuminating walls, trees, buildings and different surfaces of the city.
This are the “Suaveciclos” that allow them to take projections to the streets and communicate with people through drawings, animations and poetry.

They created 4 shortmovies until now, Trip (2013), La cena (2012), Homeless (2011) and Run (2011) crafted from hand drawings, transformed into digital animation, then using projection techniques, characters fly and run across the urban landscape, fusing an animated story with real life.

Tagtool is an app to use with tablets, that let you draw and project in real time. The artist can paint walls with light and explore the interaction between drawing and architecture creating urban artworks. Technology allows them to interact with the public, based on improvise.


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This are the audovisual installations, were an animated world is created for the visitors and their emotions interact with the stories. They take place inside galleries combining narratives, video mapping and sound landscape.





Ygor Marotta created the urban intervention “mais amor por favor” in 2009 using the walls of Sao Paulo as background to spread love. Mais amor is a request for kindness and respect in a metropolis of social inequality and violence. Now together with lots of friends we expanded this movement to Rio, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Berlin.

mais amor por favor vjsuave

mais amor por favor vjsuave

Our shortmovies and performances have been shown at
Fest Anca Animation Festival, Slovakia. 2014
Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain – Animacion en colectivo. 2013
Art Museum of Lucerne, Switzerland – Blue balls festival. 2013
International Film Festival ‘Message to Man’ , Saint Petersburg, Russia. 2013
Bafici Cinema Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013/2012
Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 2012

Individual exhibition:

“Folclore Digital”. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Curitiba, Salvador, Torres Vedras (Portugal). 2015/2016
“A natureza invade a cidade”. Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Guangzhou (China).  2013/2014
Ilumina Suave. Associação Cultural Cecilia. São Paulo 2012.
Ilumina Suave. Sameheads. Berlin, Alemanha, 2011.

Selected performances:

Jackson Hole, WY, USA. 11/16
Suaveciclo – Mapp Festival Montreal, Canada. 10/16
Tagtool – The Paseo Festival, Taos, New Mexico, USA. 09/16
Suaveciclo – Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth, UK. 09/16
Suaveciclo – Freedom Festival, Hull, UK 09/16
Suaveciclo – Street Musicians Festival, Belgrade, Servia. 09/16
Suaveciclo – Singapore National Museum. 08/16
Suaveciclo – Boulevard Olimpico, Olimpiadas Rio 2016. 08/16
Residência artística Walk and Talk, Ponta Delgada, Açores, Portugal. 07/16
Maine film festival, USA. 07/16
Suaveciclo – Strasbourg 1st Veloparade, Strasbourg. 06/16
Suaveciclo – Moscow Polytech Science Festival, Russia. 05/16
Suaveciclo – True and False Festival, Columbia, Missouri. 03/16
Suaveciclo – Cavalgata de Reyes Magos, Madri, Espanha. 01/16
Suaveciclo – Guangzhou, China, 12/15
Suaveciclo – Festival Concreto, Fortaleza. 11/15
Suaveciclo – Festival Obra (Instagraffiti). 10/15
Suaveciclo – Festanca, Eslováquia. 06/15
Suaveciclo – Festival Rotondes, Luxemburgo. 06/15
Suaveciclo – Projeções de barco pelo canal, Paris, França. 06/15
Sauveciclo – Virada Cultural e Virada Paulista, São Paulo. 05/2014
Suaveciclo – Circuito Sesc de Artes, São Paulo. 04/2014
Circuito Sesc de Artes, São Paulo. 04/2014
Videomapping for prevent fire in forests, Vologda, Russia. 12/2013
International Film Festival ‘Message to Man’ , Saint Petersburg, Rússia, 09/2013
Shiny Toys Festival, Mulheim an der Rurh, Alemanha, 08/2013
Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Alemanhã, 08/2013
Casa independente, Lisboa, Portugal, 08/2013
Festival Cultura Inglesa. Museu da imagem e Som de São Paulo, 06/2013
Show visual do Criolo, Festival Encantado. Rio de Janeiro, 06/2013
Voodoohop na Virada Cultural. São Paulo 05/2013
Movimento Hotspot. Brasilia e Porto Alegre, 04/2013
Videoguerrilha. São Paulo, 11/2012
Live Cinema, Oi Futuro. Rio de Janeiro, 09/2012
FILE – Festival Internacional da Linguagem Eletronica. São Paulo, 07/2012
Virada Sustentável, Sesc Pompéia. São Paulo 06/2012
Vivo Open Air, Jockey club de São Paulo, 04/2012
Mapping Festival. Genebra, Suiça. 2011
TMDG, Encontro Internacional de Design Grafico. Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2011
Canvas, Encontro audiovisual. São Paulo. 2011

Short movies:

“Trip”, Mulheim An Der Ruhr. 2013
“La cena”, Deltra Tigre, Argentina. 2012
“Homeless”, São Paulo, Brasil. 2011
“Run”, São Paulo, Brasil. 2011

Selected presentations:

Blue Balls Festival. Museum of Art Lucerne, Suiça, 2013
Bafici. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013
Animación en colectivo. Museu Reina Sofia, Madrid, Espanha, 2013
Fest Anca, International Animation Festival. Eslováquia, 2012
Athens Video Art Festival. Grécia 2012
MUV – Music and Digital Art Festival of Florence, Italia, 2012
Broadcast La 23ème dimension, Numero 23, França, 2012.
Broadcast Techne, NHK, Japan public network. 2012
View Conference. Turin, Italia, 2011


“Folclore Digital” – 2015: Curitiba, Salvador, Brasília. 2016: São Paulo
“A natureza invade a cidade” 2014: Caixa Cultural, Rio de Janeiro, Recife. Sesi 2013/2014. 2015: Guangzhou, China.
“Do fim do mundo”. Sesc São José dos Campos, 2012


Graffiti Digital para niños, Cavalgata de Reyes Magos, Madri, Espanha. 01/16
Graffiti Digital, Festival Concreto, Fortaleza. 11/2015
Graffiti Digital, Festival Obra, Instagraffiti, São Paulo 10/2015
Graffiti Digital, Caixa Cultural,Salvador, Brasília. 2015
Graffiti Digital, Rotondes, Luxemburgo. 06/15
Digital Graffiti, Message to Man international film festival, St Petersburg, Russia 09/2013
Graffiti Digital para crianças. Sesc Pompeia, 10/2013
Proyeccion en movimiento, La dispersa, Barcelona, España. 08/2013
Graffiti Digital, Casa independente, Lisboa, Portugal. 07/2013
Graffiti Digital. Paço das Artes. São Paulo, 03/2013
Graffiti Digital e aula performance. Sesc São José dos Campos, 03/2013
Graffiti Digital e aula performance. Oficina Cultural Alfredo Volpi. São Paulo, 10/2012
Introdução ao videomapping. Sesc Consolação. São Paulo, 08/2012
Tecnicas e criação de conteúdo para VJs. Trackers, São Paulo, 2011